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Spa and Massage

Spa and Massage


  • Traditional Massage Rp.300.000/60min.
  • Ayurvedic Massage Rp.350.000/90min.
  • Aromatherapy Massage Rp.350.000/90min.
  • Hot Stone Massage Rp.350.000/90min.
  • Foot Massage Rp.180.000/60min.
  • Back Massage Rp.150.000/30min.

  • Coconut Body Scrub Rp.200.000/60min.
  • Javanese Lulur Scrub Rp.230.000/60min.
  • Cocoa Butter Body Scrub Rp.250.000/60min.
  • Lavender Aloe Vera Aftersun Body Mask Rp.280.000/60min.
  • Anti cellulite treatmentRp.550.000/150min.

  • Skin Purifying Facial Rp.300.000/60min. Contain Bio Hazel extract to Maintain skins natural balance of oil and pro vitamins B5 to help skin achieve perfect moisturize level. Best for oily skin, large pores and acne prone skin
  • Aloe Vera Facial Rp.300.000/60min. Contain Bio aloe Vera extract to nourish skin and help prevent dehydration, keeps your skin fresh and supple. Best for normal, dry and after sun treatment
  • Botu-like Anti Aging Rp.350.000/60min. Contains Bio Seaweed extract and collagen to help optimal skin moisture and elasticity. Best formulated for tired looking skin, wrinkle and skin flakes

  • Coconut Bath Rp.450.000/120min. Revitalize you skin and savor the nurturing properties of our coconut scrub. A natural exfoliate for the skin that leaves soft and silky. With 60 minutes traditional Balinese massage coconut scrub, aroma bath
  • Royal Java Lulur Rp.480.000/120min. Inspired by the body ritual of the woman of the Royal Javanese family. With 60 minutes body massage, mask-lulur scrub and aroma milk bath
  • Gili Aftersun Rp.500.000/120min. A special retreat to nourish and restore skin that has been over exposed to the sun. Whilst cocooned in a healing aloe Vera wrap, we will treat you to a sun facial. Followed with a cooling and nurturing milky bath. *lavender Aloe Vera Body Mask-Aloe Vera Facial-Milk Bath

  • Hand & Foot Treatment
  • Spa Manicure Rp.260.000
  • Spa Pedicure Rp.280.000
  • Spa Manicure & Pedicure Rp.420.000
  • French Polish Rp.150.000
  • Nail Polish Change Rp.100.000
  • Hair Treatment

  • Wash & Blow Dry Rp.150.000
  • Hair Spa Rp.300.000
  • Professional waxing by ‘Depilieve’: Start from Rp.60.000 - Rp.340.000
  • All price is subjected to 11% of government tax
  • About Us

    Hotel Vila Ombak is the first international hotel on the magical island of Gili Trawangan, is a place that balances the comforts of first class accommodation with the natural beauty that surrounds.

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    • Vila Ombak Hotel
      Gili Trawangan Island
      Kabupaten Lombok Utara (KLU), Lombok, Indonesia (83355)
      Phone: +62 370 6142336
      Fax: Fax +62 370 6142337
      Website: www.vilaombakhotel.com